Beware of Booking Multi-leg Qantas Codeshare flight with Emirates

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Interesting situation I had, booked a flight from Perth to Miami, with Qantas metal and AA metal, then Milan to Perth with Emirates as a Qantas Codeshare. My ticket said 42kg check-in allowance (30+12KG from QC).

Emirates argued with me that because there was a leg to America in the flight it was the piece concept not the weight concept at 23kg. Ridiculous given Emirates didn't fly me to America, I'm not flying to America or in America and my ticket is was solely Qantas Codeshare not Emirates.

Is this normal? Seems crazy to me. At the end they checked-in my second bag as a carry on check-in after many phone calls.


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I believe EK was in the right there.

Additional baggage is not a Qantas Club benefit for codeshare flights, only on QF operated jet flights.

To get the benefit you’d have to claim that the allowance of your first flight should be the overruling one, in which case it would indeed be in the North American piece system. Still, the airline could argue the “most significant” segment in your trip was the longer Milan-Dubai-Perth, in which case the Emirates allowance applies.

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