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Woof Wear

For more than 30 years, Woof Wear has been at the forefront of equestrian protection and their products are valued equally by leisure riders, professionals and even the Police Forces across the UK. In 1981 Louise Woof pioneered the 'Woof Boot' - the first brushing boot to be made from neoprene. The new neoprene boot enabled horses to be protected with boots that were light, durable and easy to care for. Now a very established brand, Woof Wear produce a wide variety of horse boots from brushing boots, overreach boots and bandages to event boots, dressage wraps, therapy boots and even gloves, socks, luggage and footwear for the rider. Having design and development at the heart of the brand, Woof Wear offer products that are hard-wearing and easy to care for but crafted using the latest technology and materials embracing knowledge from different sporting activities in order to offer the best for you and your horse. These products have been thoroughly tried and tested by riders at local and international levels. Whether you are looking to purchase the best selling Club Brushing Boot or Connect Smartphone Riding Gloves you can be sure that we have it here at Derby House in our extensive range of Woof Wear products.