Known as the “Blue city” because of the blue painted houses Jodhpur is the heart of Rajasthan and majestic jewel of her eternal crown. Steeped in history, Jodhpur has played a pivotal role in shaping and paving the fascinating trails of Indian history. Home to the prosperous Marwari community of India, the city captures the essence of the colors, smells and sounds of India.

A sea of bright blue houses beautifully contrasts the surrounding dry arid desert. And the mighty Mehrangarh, the mighty fort that towers over the Blue city of Jodhpur, is a magnificent spectacle and an architectural masterpiece.

If you want to experience India in a concentrated dose – intense and intoxicating – one has to visit the walled city. People that inhabit the city and their colorful attires speak volumes of their distinct culture and art-laden history.

Modern Jodhpur stretches well beyond the city walls, but it’s the intensity and buzz of the old Blue City and the larger-than life fort that captures travelers’ imaginations. Every visitor is left with a fleeting glimpse into the depth of a culture steeped in the past and yet stepping ahead vibrantly and fearlessly.

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