Beach at The Leela, Goa


One of the smallest states in India, Goa was until 1961 a Portuguese colony and to this day retains its distinctive laid back Portuguese character. Situated on the Western Ghats on the Konkan Coast, this is the most famous beach resort in India for both domestic and international tourists alike.

Synonymous with the pleasure seeking hippie culture, Goa has always offered a gentle Indian beach experience, hence its popularity as the end destination for many an Indian adventure. As the local motto says,”Sossegade”: “Take it easy.”

There is a distinctive character to the Goan landscape, thick with coconut palms, terracotta earth and the ubiquitous Portuguese white washed churches that punctuate the tropical scene. Approximately two-dozen beaches span the Goan coast, where large expanses thronging with life give way to intimate coves and sleepy fishing villages.

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