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Has anyone had any luck with using their platinum free business upgrades? Seems basically impossible to use as they will only put you there if they don't sell the seat on the day.


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If this is a reference the the four complimentary upgrades given to Virgin platinums, I personally find them hard to use, but mainly because the only times I tend to fly flexible fares is booking relatively close in and flying peak times, so the upgrade space is rarely available. BNE-TSV/CNS/DRW on a Monday morning and back on a Thursday or Friday afternoon

If you fly at less popular times and/or book in advance, plus pay flex, don’t think they’re that hard to use. I realise that rules out a lot of business travelers


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I booked 3 flex fares 5 months in advance and was unable to use the upgrades. Its quite a frustrating system tbh. A few adjustments to that benefit and it would create a new experience for platinums.



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it's simple - before booking, look up to see if you can get a FF business class seat at the award points rates. if so, you book, then immediately call and request the upgrade - it will get confirmed on the spot. Been Platinum for well over a decade and it has always worked. Plus as platinum they almost always answer your call straight away

I don't know exactly how their system works but, given a decade of experience, it seems to me that the upgrade is treated as the same priority as the awards point flight. if it exists, it's yours


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I have been told by multiple call centre operators that this is accurate - platinum complimentary upgrades come out of standard award inventory

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