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Are there any regular Qantas Wine customers who can help with my query, please? I'm looking to make my first Qantas Wine purchase. But I've had a bad run with getting Qantas points credited for other purchases which is why I'm apprehensive.

Q: How long on average does it take for your points to be credited? Does it take even longer if that purchase is for a 'bonus points'?

I note that customers have 90 days for returning wine purchases, which makes me think 90 days is the bare minimum waiting time.


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The last two times points incl. bonus points were credited within 2 days. A day before the wine was delivered


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My experience has been that they’re credited once the wine has been delivered.


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My points have been credited on the delivery day. Normally takes two or three days to ship after ordering and then next day delivery to Melb.


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Thank you to everyone who responded. It helps put my mind at ease.


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I almost always get the points before I get the wine.

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