QFF Status Credit earning conditions on One World partner airlines.

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Good afternoon,

We're travelling to Europe and the Middle East on Qantas SYD-LHR return and planning to travel on various One World partner airlines, specifically British Airways, Iberia and Royal Jordanian. According to the calculator on the Qantas website QFF members earn status credits with these carriers on "eligible" flights with their respective codes: BA, IB, RJ. However I have a few questions which I'm not certain about:

1. How should I go about booking these flights to definitively earn QFF status credits. Can the flights be purchased directly with the carrier noting our QFF member number/details; or do I need to book via the Qantas website or call centre in order to attach a QF codeshare number to the flights?

2. Is it possible to earn QFF status credits if making the purchase with the Points Plus Pay option; and is this better done online or via the call centre?

(An issue I've encountered whilst making a dummy run booking on the Qantas site is that for a flight from Rome to Aqaba via Amman with RJ, the AMM-AQA leg appears to be unavailable online)

3. Are "eligible" flights on One World partners always those that appear on the online calculator - can this be relied upon as correct or will there be potentially some flights shown on the calculator that are excluded? After trawling through the Qantas website and seeking advice from agents in the Fijian and South African call centres, it is still not clear or definitive.

4. Lastly, if I manage to achieve QFF Platinum status, are you automatically transferred to the Hobart call centre; or is it a case of pot luck dependant on caller traffic/agents available.

Many thanks.

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