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Derby House

Here at Derby House, we offer products that are not only the best quality available but are also exactly what our customers want when they purchase a new rug, boots or breeches. Starting as a small family run saddlery business in the heart of Lancashire, Derby House continued to grow and soon became a firm favourite within the equestrian community. After many years of providing the best products on the market to our customers, we felt that we could also design and source a range of products that would not only suit customer requirements but would be extremely good value for money, from this the Derby House brand was born. In our offering of horse and rider clothing, we have produced three ranges, Classic, Pro and Elite. Each range offers something different for every need and budget. The Classic range is our entry-level range of products, Pro range is the next level of products offering quality and durability and the Elite range is the ultimate in premium quality, protection and comfort with a 3 year warranty on Elite rugs. Expanding all the time, the Derby House brand now includes products such as turnout rugs, stable rugs, coolers, breeches, jodhpurs, long riding boots, jodhpur boots, saddlecloths, numnahs and horse boots. The future of the Derby House brand is limitless!