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Earn frequent flyer points faster with an additional cardholder

Having two credit cards linked to the one account can help fast-track frequent flyer points, while potentially saving on fees.

By Chris C., September 7 2021
Earn frequent flyer points faster with an additional cardholder

Credit cards can be a great way to earn frequent flyer points, but having an 'additional cardholder' on an account can take things to the next level.

That's because you'll not only collect points when using your card, you'll also build that points balance when your +1 shops on plastic.

The advantages can be twofold.

By having one account between you, there's only one annual fee to pay: and even though some cards have a yearly 'additional cardholder fee', that cost usually remains cheaper than the annual fee itself.

Keeping all your points in the same place can also prove useful when it comes time to redeem those rewards.

With all your eggs in the one basket, booking business class flights or snagging pointy-end upgrades is an easier feat, versus having some of your points in one program, and stray points elsewhere.

Benefits and considerations with additional cardholders

Something to be mindful of with an additional cardholder is that any points capping or tiering on the card generally applies across the account, not on a per-card basis.

This means if a credit card awards one point per $1 spent up to $5,000 per month, transacting across both the primary and additional cards would normally contribute to the same tally.

(Under that scenario, it's not $5,000 spend on one card, plus $5,000 on the other – it'd be $5,000 total.)

With that in mind, having an additional cardholder can work best on cards that deliver uncapped points, or where there's a high bar for any points capping or tiering.

By nature, those cards tend to have higher base annual fees, so do consider all your options to see what works best for you.

One final caution: primary cardholders are normally financially liable for all spending on their account.

This includes transactions they make, as well as any spend by additional cardholders – so you should only give a card to somebody you trust, such as a partner or spouse.

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Chris C.

Chris is a a former contributor to Executive Traveller.

04 Sep 2019

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some banks charge for an additional cardholder.

here's a better way to take advantage of this without paying more;

apple pay / google pay, setup the card on the person you would have got a supplementary card for. And you keep the physical card (or better yet, setup apple pay / google pay) for that person as well.

no additional fee's. win win. 

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