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Executive Traveller is the global destination for the world’s premium travellers.

Springboarding from the success of Australian Business Traveller, Executive Traveller brings the best coverage of premium travel and lifestyle to an international audience.

Our writers are experienced journalists and expert contributors who apply journalistic ethics in creating independent, measured and considered content to help executive travellers improve their travel experience.

Executive Traveller is published by Business Travel Media Pty Ltd. Our registered offices are at 56 Pirrama Rd, Wharf Pyrmont NSW 2009 Australia.

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Our team

David Flynn, Editor In Chief
Matt Lennon, Deputy Editor
Chris Ashton, Associate Editor
Felix Scholz, Watch Editor
Louise Wedgwood, Health and wellness writer
Michael Stahl, Features contributor
Franz Scheurer, Spirits writer

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Press releases and story pitches can be sent to:
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We are happy to assist print, radio and TV journalists seeking independent expert comment on the premium travel market, airlines, frequent flyer schemes, trends and any related areas, including topical news issues as well as features.

Journalists, producers and researchers can contact:

David Flynn
Editor-in-Chief, Executive Traveller
+61 (0) 418 110 080
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Editorial enquires

David Flynn
Editor-in-Chief, Executive Traveller
+61 (0) 418 110 080
[email protected] 

Advertising enquiries

Siddharth Raja
Publisher, Executive Traveller
+61 (0) 403 174 282
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Business Travel Media
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56 Pirrama Rd
Pyrmont NSW 2009

Advertising and commercial partnerships

Executive Traveller is the largest and most read website for business travellers and premium frequent flyers within Australia and across the broader Asia-Pacific region.

• 881,000 Australian visitors per month
• 1.3 million worldwide visitors per month
• 2.3 million pageviews per month

Partnering with Executive Traveller unlocks an engaged and highly active premium audience of executives, senior managers, business owners and professionals who regularly travel in business and first class.

Media Kit

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Please note that we do not accept guest posts/stories and do not engage in link building. 

Editorial policy and journalistic standards

The mission of Executive Traveller is simple: we help our readers to travel better and live better.

We do this by reporting accurately, fairly and with integrity, on issues relevant to our readers and the premium travel and lifestyle experience.

Central to our story selection process is considering impact on the reader, as well as interest to the reader.

Our business model is to foster an engaged audience which trusts the Executive Traveller brand, and offer advertisers and commercial partners the opportunity to reach that audience.

Fact Checking

Executive Traveller aims to ensure that all stories are informed and balanced. As part of this, we conduct our own thorough internal fact-checking process, including Editors reviewing the information and additional oversight for sensitive or controversial stories. 


Travel is a dynamic industry, with many aspects evolving on an daily or hourly basis. 

As a result, while we endeavour to deliver the most up-to-date details (including credit card and financial information) at the time of reporting, information can change without notice. 
If a mistake has been made, we will correct it as soon as possible. You are welcome to contact us via the details listed on this page to suggest corrections. 

Executive Traveller is published by Business Travel Media Pty Ltd (ABN 88 146 640 557), a corporate authorised credit representative (#515763) of MGS FINANCIAL PTY LIMITED (#337568)

Our registered address is:

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